[freetds] mssql_query() returns boolean when stored procedure returns empty result set

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Thu Apr 1 14:05:05 EST 2004

> > I tried the latest snapshot as of yesterday (0.63.dev.20040329), just to
> > see if the issue was addressed there, but unfortunately I cannot get PHP
> > to compile against it (due to various "undeclared" errors with
> That's looks like a problem.  We're pruning our header files; maybe we've
> gone too far.  

Fixed in CVS... PHP use these macro although never documented (I think
caused by an old wrong FreeTDS implementation)...

Jmaes... we get a lot of script (Perl & PHP) problems with examples...
it's hard to convert these examples in C tests however I don't imagine a
simple script for doing all tests we need... I remember your propose of
a script. Are you thinking something specific ?? Another idea would be
compile some PHP/Perl tests if available... not that easy however...


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