[freetds] mssql_query() returns boolean when stored procedure returns empty result set

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Thu Apr 1 13:31:51 EST 2004

Il gio, 2004-04-01 alle 14:30, Thompson, Bill D (London) ha scritto:
> James, Michael,
> I've found the problem and, alas, it is in freetds.
> basically the issue is nothing to do with the emptiness of the result set.
> Its to do with the fact that you're executing a stored procedure, and our
> handling of (yes, you guessed it james, DONEINPROC tokens)
> dbresults used to (and should) ignore DONEINPROC tokens.
> our current version of dbresults returns SUCCEED/FAIL when it hits a
> here's the fix, along with a similar change to dbsqlok() which I mentioned
> in passing a little while ago.
> All dblib unit tests passed Solaris 2.6  SQL2K and Sybase 11.9.2
>  <<dblib.diff.gz>> 

Hi Bill!

Patch applied to 0.63.


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