[freetds] TEXT/NTEXT header format question

David Eastman deastman at email.com
Tue Feb 3 16:37:40 EST 2004

I’ve got a question I’m hoping someone here can help me with
trying to parse TDS packets, and I’m having problems with TEXT/NTEXT
columns.  From the TDS source I’ve determined that bytes 25-28 of the
column header are the length of the data, starting at byte 29. 
However, in certain queries, I’m finding that this length is off by a
few bytes, which of course not only corrupts my column data, but
means that I’m not picking up the next column correctly.  I don’t see
anything in the TDS source to deal with this, and I’ve confirmed from
some network captures that it is simply a case of the length bytes
mentioned above not matching the actual text length, so obviously
there must be some kind of offset or other information I’m missing. 
Does anyone have a clue?  Is there a more up-to-date version of the
protocol document that describes the column header for text columns?
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