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FreeTDS 0.62 hits the virtual streets of the information highway today. 
Watch for it at a curbside near you.  

The website is updated.  The ftp server is updated.  Notices were sent to:


Congratulations to those of you who made this version possible.  What a
year it was.  We received many patches, large and small.  Besides Frediano
and Bill Thompson, whose participation is known to everyone who reads this
list regularly (and to whose credit I can hardly add), I'd like to mention
two others:

	Peter Deacon, who made several critical changes. 
	Steve Murphree, who forever changed the ODBC driver.

I also add my voice to Frediano's, recognizing Alex Hornby, Craig A.
Berry, Nick Castellano, David Fraser, Martin Spott, and Thomas Rogers for
their contribution.  The patches and explanations they offered raised the
quality of this release.  

FreeTDS is a complex beast that's used in many disparate environments. 
Only with the competent participation of individuals who use FreeTDS in
many different ways can we hope to make it featureful and reliable.  

The ODBC driver, at over 9000 lines of code, now covers twice the
functionality it did in 0.61, and many of the old functions were
rewritten.  The ct-lib driver likewise grew by 66%, and added much needed
functionality.  Under the covers, libtds is faster on the wire and uses
memory more efficiently.  We have UTF-8 support, with the possibility of
UCS-2 in the future.  

FreeTDS exists because of its volunteers.  We have some fine ones, and it

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