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Steven Orton sorton9999 at usa.net
Tue Jan 6 00:03:17 EST 2004

  that opens up a potential problem for my project then.  we plan on upgrading
to SQLServer2000 in the near future.  i may ping on you guys for some gotchas,
things i should know, etc.  so you don't really think this is resolved, do


"Daughterson, Adam [EPM/BOU/MMI]" <Adam.Daughterson1 at EmersonProcess.com>

> Thanks again to everyone that has helped.  What wound up eventually working
> was pointing isql at an older database hosted on an older box.  The
> production database is run from a Windows2003 server, we think that the
> security may have changed, because I have no issues (now :-)) connecting to
> the older database running on a Windows2000 server.  Both DB's are run from
> MSSQL servers, the newer is MSSQL2000, I think the older is running on
> AD
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