[freetds] Connecting MSSQL Server from Red Hat linux + PHP

Venkatraman M Srinivasan mlmsrini at lycos.com
Mon Jun 30 18:28:20 EDT 2003


This is regarding connection MSSQL SERVER database from windows 2000 server which is there in a different domain from my web which is running on PHP4.1+APACHE_1.3.27+MYSQL+RED HAT Linux.
This is the first time i 've come across this situation. I just got the information from the PHP documentation about using freeTDS for this purpose.

For this freeTDS installation i was going thru the freeTSD documentation and from some user contribution details in the php site. Some mentioned about configuring with sybase libraries and some said with mssql. It was bit confusing me which one to use.

Could anyone help for  install and configuring freeTDS in my linux server.Once it's done how to test it whether the MSSQL server database connectivity is working ok.

I am totally struck on this.I need this help very urgently.

thanks in advance.


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