[freetds] Question about FreeTDS odbc.c and SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_TYPE

Arjona, Ramon Ramon.Arjona at wizards.com
Fri Jun 27 14:10:51 EDT 2003


I'm using FreeTDS version 0.61 on Red Hat Linux with version 2.2.2 of
unixODBC.  I'm connecting to an MS SQL 2000 box using TDSVER=8.0.
The application we're running is written in C/C++.

The problem that I am having is this: I am attempting to call
SQLSetStmtAttr as follows:


This falls through into SQLSetStmtOption in odbc.c.  This function then
falls through to the error handler, logging the message that
"odbc:SQLSetStmtOption: Statment option 5 not implemented" which in turn
causes the application to dump core.

My questions are as follows:

1) What should be the appropriate idiom to work around this problem in
FreeTDS?  Should I just comment out the set attribute statement or is
there some other approach I ought to take.

2) If I were to attack the problem at odbc.c itself and attempt to
implement this function & option, can anyone reccomend a set of useful
reference documentation?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you,

The Master says, 'Man who falls in vat of molten glass makes spectacle
of himself.' 

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