[freetds] Connecting to MS SQL server from Linux/PHP

Darryl Friesen Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca
Fri Jun 27 11:28:06 EDT 2003

> It's a PHP function.
> To use it, compile PHP with --with-

Yes, but (from PHP's SQL Server docs:
http://ca2.php.net/manual/en/ref.mssql.php) ....

  To get these functions to work, you have to compile PHP with
  --with-mssql[=DIR], where DIR is the FreeTDS install prefix.
  And FreeTDS should be compiled using --enable-msdblib.

This implies you want db-lib.  Using "--with-sybase-ct=/path/to/freetds" will
give you ct-lib and enable BOTH the sybase_ and mssql_ functions.

- Darryl

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