[freetds] libreadline.so.4.1 is needed by freetds-o.61-2.i386.rpm

Craig Davison cd at securityfocus.com
Thu Jun 26 16:23:05 EDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 01:18:26PM +0200, Alf-Ivar Holm wrote:
> > > "Arun Bayya" <akbayy2 at uky.edu> writes:
> > > > "error:Failed dependencies:
> > > > Libreadline.so.4.1 is needed by freetds-0.61-2"
>       ^
> Note: This is an uppercase 'l'.


> Craig Davison <cd at securityfocus.com> writes:
> > Not an odd environment at all. Redhat ships with an RPM that provides
> > libreadline.so.4.1. [...] 
>   ^
> Note: This is a lowercase 'l'.  
> If the error message (above) is quoted correctly, the dependecy in
> freetds-0.61-2 has a typo: the 'L' should have been 'l'.

That's true. However, I think the case may be that Arun Bayya typed the error message in himself, and happened to have capitalized the L.

> So, I agree, the environment may not be odd, but the RPM seems to have
> an error in its dependency.

The RPM available on the site lists libreadline.so.4.1 (lowercase l) as a dependancy.

> For RedHat 8 this is readline41-4.1-14.i386.rpm, which may be found at
> the place you mentioned.

Thanks for looking that up. List admins, maybe a list of the libreadline.so.4.1 RPM vs. RedHat version could be in the FAQ?

Craig Davison

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