[freetds] RE: Charset conversion with Sybase ASE 12.0

jose jramos at cherrytel.com
Thu Jun 26 06:07:31 EDT 2003


    I´m using freetds-0.61with php-4.2.3 and sql server 7.0. and I have configured the freetds.conf with this parametres:

        host = XX.XX.XX.XX
        port = XXXX
        tds version = 7.0
        client charset = iso_1

    My problem is when I try insert one registrer with a string that contains the character ' or the character ", one error ocurrs. If you see the insert sentence in the error message you can look that this character is now protected with \, and I haven´t put this protection.

    May be this error ocurrs because I put a wrong client charset?


José Ramos Caballero
Ingeniero de Sistemas. Cherrytel Comunicaciones S.L.
jramos at cherrytel.com

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