[freetds] FreeTDS 0.61 broken with Sybase

Alex Kiesel alex.kiesel at document-root.de
Wed Jun 25 15:37:13 EDT 2003


I am currently experiencing some trouble with FreeTDS. Since between the
two latest releases (0.60 vs. 0.61.*) the handling of stored procedures
seems to be borked.

With the following script I can reproduce the error (don't care about
any passwords, these are testing databases only):

  sybase_connect ('php3', 'news', 'enieffac');
  var_dump (sybase_query ('sp_help'));


The result of this script - executed with FreeTDS 0.61 - is:

The result of this script - executed with FreeTDS 0.60 - is:
resource(5) of type (sybase-ct result)

Both runs have been made using the same OS (FreeBSD 4.7), same PHP 4.3.2
(since 4.3.0 there haven't been any changes to the sybase-Code), the
same database server[1] just with different versions of FreeTDS.

I've made TDSDUMPs and put them to:
http://document-root.de/tds/tds_borked.log (broken one)
http://document-root.de/tds/tds_ok.log (good one)

We have also noticed an annoying change with sqsh which occured at the
same time. It's a thing of displaying results in sqsh, so I've put a
console dump to http://document-root.de/tds/sqsh_borked.txt.

So far, I hope someone can help here (I know, the symptoms I can show
you with PHP are quite far away from your tds layer, but that's the only
thing we have).

If you have the need for an testing environment, we can offer you a
Sybase database to test with, please write personal mail and I'll give
you access (as far as you are a FreeTDS-developer).

Thank you very much,

[1] The version is: SQL Server/
    This type of problem currently exists with any Sybase server we 
    are using (some different versions as 12.5).

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