[freetds] New to FreeTDS / ODBC

Chad Udell chadu at mac.com
Tue Jun 24 17:45:01 EDT 2003

I am attempting to setup a Redhat Linux 9 box with PHP 4.2.2 and Apache 
2.0.40 to connect with a MSSQL server database using FreeTDS. This has 
been headache after headache.

i am able to connect with tsql fine. My ODBC connection scripts from 
PHP on the other hand are a bit different...

I am currently getting the following error:
SQL error: [unixODBC]Client unable to establish connection, SQL state 
S1000 in SQLConnect in /var/www/html/rossmach/odbc_test.php

the error is coming from this statement:
$connection = 
"username", "password", "Integrated Security=NO") or

My freetds.conf file contains this info for the DSN:
         host =
         port = 1433
         tds version = 4.2

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Any help is very welcome.


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