[freetds] Config or environment setting for toggling quoted identifiers setting

Mark Gruetzner mgruetzner at rw3.com
Tue Jun 24 15:39:43 EDT 2003

That makes sense.  I've got some time before I need to resolve this on
my end (a few weeks), so I may wait to see if you guys incorporate a fix
by then...else, I will opt for the quick fix you suggest below...

Thanks a ton!

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> From: Thompson, Bill D (London) [mailto:ThompBil at exchange.uk.ml.com]
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> > It would very
> > strange, though, for the same database to exhibit different defaults
> > depending on the protocol version.  Is that what you're seeing?  
>     option_flag2 |= 0x02; /* client is an ODBC driver */
> When we log in using the TDS 7 protocol, by setting that bit in the
> option_flag2, we claim to be an ODBC driver. 


> If you look at SQL server books online, under "ANSI 
> compliance options" you
> will see many statements like:
> "By default, ODBC and OLE DB clients issue a connection-level 
> SET statement
> setting QUOTED_IDENTIFIER to ON when connecting to SQL Server."

Which is exactly what we don't do.  We don't issue a "connection-level
statement".  We just claim to be an ODBC driver, even when we're not.  

The behavior is also not as described in the documentation; it is what
said it is.  Setting the bit on turns QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON all by
itself; no
set command need be sent.  I just proved that here.  Commenting that
out reverts the behavior.  

With "option_flag2 |= 0x02":

$ tsql -U$U -P$P -S$S
1> select "hi"
2> go
Msg 207, Level 16, State 3, Server NTS0214, Line 1
Invalid column name 'hi'.
1> select 'hi'
2> go


Without "option_flag2 |= 0x02":

$ tsql -U$U -P$P -S$S
1> select "hi"
2> go

1> select 'hi'
2> go


<pedantic> We're in uncharted waters.  There no other db-lib on the
that speaks TDS 7.0; Microsoft's uses TDS 4.2.  </pendantic>

We should conform to the db-lib documentation (and behavior), turning
QUOTED_IDENTIFIER regardless of TDS version.  

Mark, the quick fix if you have GNU iconv installed is for you to use a
recent snapshot and comment out the line in login.c.  That will make all
your connections, regardless of which library you use, default to
QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF.  Note this is highly experimental.  I expect it's
completely safe, but you're the #1 client, if you see what I mean.  

A harder fix would be to find the same offset in 0.60.  I'm not going to
pursue that myself, because I'm more concerned with doing the Right

To DTRT, we have to make login.c aware of whence we come.  It has to
know if
it's logging in on behalf of an ODBC client or not, and set the flag
accordingly.  That will take a little work, because that information (by
design) isn't in the TDSSOCKET.  

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