[freetds] RE: latest snapshot testing on Sun Solaris

Craig Berry craigberry at mac.com
Tue Jun 24 15:35:25 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 11:14AM, Thompson, Bill D (London) <ThompBil at exchange.uk.ml.com> wrote:

>I don't know the format, but I'm guessing that its telling me it only
>supports conversions between the "8859" type character set and the "646"
>type character set.

Yes, it looks like only conversions between ISO Latin 1 and ASCII are available on your system.  I know next to nothing about Solaris, but more than likely you only get other conversions if you install optional language kits or internationalization packages.  The following query looks promising in that regard:


I think the moral of this story for the configuration mavens is that the world is not as simple as the two categories "defined(HAVE_ICONV)" and "! defined(HAVE_ICONV)".  It is quite possible to have a perfectly good iconv() function with a very limited set of data for it to operate on.  What seems to be of interest to FreeTDS is whether the UCS-2LE, ISO-8859-1, and UTF-8 conversions are all available.  If they aren't, I don't think it matters whether iconv is present as we'll have to use home-grown conversions in any case.

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