[freetds] RE: latest snapshot testing on Sun Solaris

John M. Burian john.burian at corecomm.com
Tue Jun 24 12:56:15 EDT 2003

I was having trouble with getting FreeTDS to work on Solaris as well, 
with iconv being the bone of contention. I could not get it to work 
under Solaris 7, with Sun Workshop, but was able to get it to work under 
Solaris 8 with gcc (although not with Gnu iconv, as far as I can tell). 
The difference appears to be that Sol 8's iconv provides a more diverse 
set of charset->charset mappings. I'm using a recent (June) snapshot of 


Thompson, Bill D (London) wrote:

>Hi again,
>I've dug a little deeper on this. I had a look at the iconv manual pages on
>my server.
>These tell me that the file /usr/lib/iconv/iconv_data has the list of
>supported conversions,
>And here's the file...
>646     8859    8859.646        8859.646.t
>646de   8859    646de.8859      646de.8859.t
>646da   8859    646da.8859      646da.8859.t
>646en   8859    646en.8859      646en.8859.t
>646fr   8859    646fr.8859      646fr.8859.t
>646it   8859    646it.8859      646it.8859.t
>646es   8859    646es.8859      646es.8859.t
>646sv   8859    646sv.8859      646sv.8859.t
>8859    646     8859.646        8859.646.t
>8859    646de   8859.646de      8859.646de.t
>8859    646da   8859.646da      8859.646da.t
>8859    646en   8859.646en      8859.646en.t
>8859    646fr   8859.646fr      8859.646fr.t
>8859    646it   8859.646it      8859.646it.t
>8859    646es   8859.646es      8859.646es.t
>8859    646sv   8859.646sv      8859.646sv.t
>I don't know the format, but I'm guessing that its telling me it only
>supports conversions between the "8859" type character set and the "646"
>type character set.
>AFAICT from the freetds code, we're trying to get iconv to say that it will
>convert the 8859 character set (in various guises) to UTF-8 (again in
>various guises), and giving up if it won't...
>Have I correctly understood the problem do you think ? and if so, what's the
>way forward ?
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>>Subject:	latest snapshot testing on Sun Solaris
>>Hi all,
>>I haven't taken the latest snapshot for a while, so I thought I'd give it
>>a go...
>>Compiled fine - after removing c++ style comments in tds.h and
>>src/server/login.c , as my old Sun Workshop C compiler doesn't like them
>>running tds unittests, most programs fail with
>>Assertion failed: 0, file iconv.c, line 284
>>which means that tds_iconv_init() has failed, I think .
>>Is there anything obvious I should be doing that I didn't have to do
>>previously ?
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