[freetds] RE: latest snapshot testing on Sun Solaris

Thompson, Bill D (London) ThompBil at exchange.uk.ml.com
Tue Jun 24 12:14:47 EDT 2003

Hi again,

I've dug a little deeper on this. I had a look at the iconv manual pages on
my server.
These tell me that the file /usr/lib/iconv/iconv_data has the list of
supported conversions,
And here's the file...

646     8859    8859.646        8859.646.t
646de   8859    646de.8859      646de.8859.t
646da   8859    646da.8859      646da.8859.t
646en   8859    646en.8859      646en.8859.t
646fr   8859    646fr.8859      646fr.8859.t
646it   8859    646it.8859      646it.8859.t
646es   8859    646es.8859      646es.8859.t
646sv   8859    646sv.8859      646sv.8859.t
8859    646     8859.646        8859.646.t
8859    646de   8859.646de      8859.646de.t
8859    646da   8859.646da      8859.646da.t
8859    646en   8859.646en      8859.646en.t
8859    646fr   8859.646fr      8859.646fr.t
8859    646it   8859.646it      8859.646it.t
8859    646es   8859.646es      8859.646es.t
8859    646sv   8859.646sv      8859.646sv.t

I don't know the format, but I'm guessing that its telling me it only
supports conversions between the "8859" type character set and the "646"
type character set.

AFAICT from the freetds code, we're trying to get iconv to say that it will
convert the 8859 character set (in various guises) to UTF-8 (again in
various guises), and giving up if it won't...

Have I correctly understood the problem do you think ? and if so, what's the
way forward ?


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> Subject:	latest snapshot testing on Sun Solaris
> Hi all,
> I haven't taken the latest snapshot for a while, so I thought I'd give it
> a go...
> Compiled fine - after removing c++ style comments in tds.h and
> src/server/login.c , as my old Sun Workshop C compiler doesn't like them
> running tds unittests, most programs fail with
> Assertion failed: 0, file iconv.c, line 284
> which means that tds_iconv_init() has failed, I think .
> Is there anything obvious I should be doing that I didn't have to do
> previously ?
> thanks,
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