[freetds] Config or environment setting for toggling quoted identifiers setting

Mark Gruetzner mgruetzner at rw3.com
Mon Jun 23 16:29:55 EDT 2003

Is there a configuration option I can specify in freetds.conf or as an
environment variable whereby I can specify the equivalent of:


When using tds version= 7.0 for connecting to MS SQL Server 7.0.

I have a ton of legacy code that works fine with tds version = 4.2, but
when I change tds version to 7.0, it seems that the quoted identifiers
setting is set to on by default with 7.0.  It would be a real chore to
go in and fix all the legacy code to send the "SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS
OFF" string.

I really want to use 7.0 since I have found it to be much faster and
allows use of varchar() larger than 255...


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