[freetds] apostrophes in strings

Arnar Birgisson ArnarB at oddi.is
Mon Jun 23 09:59:51 EDT 2003

Hello there..

Doubling the quote is the standard way and it works from php in my

$result = mssql_query("select 'it''s a giraffe!' ");

I don't use pear, you should check if Pear does some mangling with your
string before sending it off to SQL Server.

For future reference: PHP has very similar string represtentation as
Perl, double quoted strings are expanded for variables (f.x. "you are
number $i") and expressions inside {} (f.x. "my name is
{$userObject->somevariable['array index']}"), as well as
escape-sequences such as \n,\t etc. Single quoted strings are not
expanded, except for \'.


>>> LowdenJK at bernstein.com 20.6.2003 17:56:31 >>>
> From: Rusty Wright [mailto:rusty at socrates.Berkeley.EDU] 
> Sent: June 20, 2003 12:55 PM
> Is there a way to "quote" an apostrophe or single quote for MS SQL
> when inserting a string with a single quote in it?  Or some way to
> embed it as part of the string (for example, like url encoding)?
> I'm using PHP and Pear.  I've tried doubling the single quote, and
> preceding it with a backslash; neither way works.

You should be able to double the single quote:

1> select 'It''s alright. Da doo du da doo du....'
2> go

 It's alright. Da doo du da doo du....

That's the only standard way, afaik.  It works in tsql and sqsh.  If
doesn't work in PHP, it's a bug.  You could work around it with:

1> select 'It' + char(39) + 's alright'
2> go

 It's alright

You can also alternate quoting characters (select "It's alright").  

Note these are SQL quoting rules, which are weird.  Other languages
their own.  I don't use PHP, so I don't know how strings are expressed,
for instance Perl wouldn't permit doubling up the quote; the
character can't appear in the string without being escaped. 
Perl is very flexible on the point, accepting as a delimiter single or
double quotes, or even any arbitrary character prefixed with "qq".)  


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