[freetds] NCBI Toolkit Using FreeTDS?

Joel Apter japter at ibxtech.com
Tue Jun 17 14:57:53 EDT 2003

Sorry, I forgot to include the direct link in the docs that references
FreeTDS 0.60:

"The FreeTDS client library (the one using TDS protocol version 8.0) was
tweaked to work with the MS SQL server and significantly optimized. However,
it will not work with Sybase server. "

Anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter...


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> > From: Joel Apter [mailto:japter at ibxtech.com]
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> > I was searching around the internet today and came across
> > this NCBI toolkit. [...] It appears as
> > though it includes a modified version of FreeTDS 0.60 [...]
> > What do you guys think about the MS SQL optimizations?
> ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/toolbox/ncbi_tools++/CURRENT/ncbi_cxx_unix.tar.gz
> It appears the author started with 0.52.  Some of his changes anticipated
> ours, and he did some things we still need to do, like better structuring
> the bcp and login data structures.  It's a shame he didn't join the
> because we could have benefited from his work, and adapted the autoconf
> stuff to let subsequent releases slide more readily into his file
> As it is, it's very hard to evaluate whether or not his optimizations are
> any use to us now.  They probably were at the time, but we've made great
> strides with TDS 7.0 since the 0.52 days.  Part of the difficulty is that
> can't generate a diff, because  what he started with antedates our CVS
> archive on Source Forge.  For example, the archive cited above includes a
> file ncbi_cxx/include/dbapi/driver/ftds/freetds/tdsver.h that corresponds
> a file we don't use anymore (include/tdsver.h).  Our earliest copy defines
> VERSION_NO  as "freetds v0.53"; his is v0.52.
> There's also a directory cxx/include/dbapi/driver/ftds8.  It's more
> but afaict not based on the 0.60 release, at least not directly.  It
> includes many of the same changes plus some of ours.
> To me, it looks like his work is lost to us, unfortunately.  Let's hope
> project progresses in such a way that he finds it worthwhile to contribute
> to the main tree instead of maintaining a fork.
> --jkl
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