[freetds] M$ ODBC driver work.

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Tue Jun 17 01:26:52 EDT 2003

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 15:46:25 -0400, "Steve Murphree" wrote:
> Diffing this thing out against the current tree would be a pretty
> dificult thing to do, but if anyone is interested, I will diff it
> against the 0.61 release and make a nice little (BIG) patch.
> Also, if given CVS tree access, I would integrate it into the current
> tree. A big diff splatted against the tree would be too hard to follow. 
> I would incrementally integrate the code bit by bit.  So if the authors
> are interested?


That sounds like excellent work.  Don't bother to generate a patch against
0.61; it would be better to integrate your work into CVS.  I'm inclined to
grant you CVS access, but ODBC is largely Frediano's work, and I'm not
qualified to judge the goodness of your work or whether your ideas
dovetail with his.  Freddy's on vacation until late July, so your timing
could be better. :-}

OTOH, the code will be very stable in the meanwhile.  Why don't you pull a
current copy of CVS, integrate your changes, and construct a patch from
that (against CVS)?  Post it to source forge, where Frediano (and others)
will find it and look it over.  That will give us a better idea of your
style and direction, and provide a forum to thrash out any disagreements. 
When everyone's happy, I can turn on the commit bit.  

How's that by you?  


P.S.  Regarding your whitelist.  I haven't seen any problems as the list
email admin.  smurph at smcomp.com is not subscribed; perhaps you filtered
out the confirmation message.  I could subscribe you, but that would
likely only solve one of a series of problems.  It think for the time
being, you need to allow all messages from lists.ibiblio.org.  

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