[freetds] seg fault occurs when connecting to MS SQL server 2000

Rachael LaPorte Taylor rachael.laporte.taylor at census.gov
Fri Jun 13 19:24:05 EDT 2003

Version 0.61

I successfully connect to a MS SQL Server 2000 using the tsql utility. 
However, I get a seg fault when using iodbc odbctest. gdb reports that 
it bombs at around line 1126 in connect.c (in the iodbc source) on the 
CALL_DRIVER macro. I've compiled with TDS version 4.2 and 
--with-iodbc=/path_to_iodbc per the FAQ.

Is this a driver problem or iodbc? I am able to successfully connect to 
a mysql database with odbctest using a myodbc driver.

I'm running this on RedHat 9.0 using the latest gcc.

Any suggestions?

Rachael LaPorte Taylor
U.S. Census Bureau
Washington DC 20233
rachael.laporte.taylor at census.gov

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