[freetds] FreeTDS, unixODBC, and libodbc++

freddyz77 at tin.it freddyz77 at tin.it
Fri Jun 13 11:47:54 EDT 2003

>> From: Joel Apter [mailto:japter at ibxtech.com]
>> Sent: June 12, 2003 12:42 PM
>> Error setting pointer statement option: 
>> 	[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Invalid attribute/option identifier
>> odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 4
>> odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 5
>> odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType 5 not catered for...
>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^ clue
>> odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 3
>> I'm not sure if this means anything.  What I am wondering is, 
>> is this an issue with freetds, unixodbc, or libodbc++ (or all 
>> of them, or none??)?  Has anyone actually written a c++ 
>> application usually a similar driver/driver manager setup?  
>Hi Joel, 
>We don't get a lot of libodbc++ questions, and I'm not sure anyone's gotten
>it more than minimally working.  OTOH, Frediano keeps making our ODBC driver
>better and better.  It tends to squawk when asked to do something it can't
>yet do.  
>The "not catered" message comes from src/odbc/odbc.c::SQLColAttributes
>(superseded by SQLColAttribute in the ODBC docs, btw).  I think fDescType
>might be SQL_COLUMN_SCALE, which we don't support.  If that's the issue,
>something like this might help:
>        case SQL_COLUMN_SCALE:
>                switch (colinfo->column_type) {
>                case SYBNUMERIC:
>                case SYBDECIMAL:
>                        *pfDesc = colinfo->column_scale;
>                        break;
>                default:
>                        *pfDesc = 0;
>                        break;
>                }
>                break;
>Could you see if that at least doesn't make the log message go away?  
>Do the libodbc++ tests report anything interesting?  Perhaps they have
>grained checking of the underlying library that would help us flush out
>what's missing.  
>What does unixODBC say about their message?  Is there a way to get more
>any) details?  As in, say, which identifier was invalid, and what its value

I'm going on holiday and I'll come back on July, so I think this is my last
month e-mail... 
I didn't check why SQLColAtribute do not reply to type 5 (my main computer
decided to go on holiday yesterday, so I'm writing this mail from a website..)
but I think it's an unimplemented type, like James suggest... 
CVS version of SQLGetInfo support many more type than 0.61...
Could someone write some line on TODO for SQLColAttributes ??


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