[freetds] FreeTDS, unixODBC, and libodbc++

Joel Apter japter at ibxtech.com
Thu Jun 12 15:14:47 EDT 2003

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Subject: RE: [freetds] FreeTDS, unixODBC, and libodbc++

> > From: Joel Apter [mailto:japter at ibxtech.com]
> > Sent: June 12, 2003 12:42 PM
> >
> > Error setting pointer statement option:
> > [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Invalid attribute/option identifier
> ...
> > odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 4
> > odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 5
> > odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType 5 not catered for...
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^ clue
> > odbc:SQLColAttributes: fDescType is 3
> >
> > I'm not sure if this means anything.  What I am wondering is,
> > is this an issue with freetds, unixodbc, or libodbc++ (or all
> > of them, or none??)?  Has anyone actually written a c++
> > application usually a similar driver/driver manager setup?
> Hi Joel,
> We don't get a lot of libodbc++ questions, and I'm not sure anyone's
> it more than minimally working.  OTOH, Frediano keeps making our ODBC
> better and better.  It tends to squawk when asked to do something it can't
> yet do.
> The "not catered" message comes from src/odbc/odbc.c::SQLColAttributes
> (superseded by SQLColAttribute in the ODBC docs, btw).  I think fDescType
> might be SQL_COLUMN_SCALE, which we don't support.  If that's the issue,
> something like this might help:
>         case SQL_COLUMN_SCALE:
>                 switch (colinfo->column_type) {
>                 case SYBNUMERIC:
>                 case SYBDECIMAL:
>                         *pfDesc = colinfo->column_scale;
>                         break;
>                 default:
>                         *pfDesc = 0;
>                         break;
>                 }
>                 break;
> Could you see if that at least doesn't make the log message go away?

I'm not quite sure how I would implement that code since the libodbc++
libraries handles those datatypes internally.

> Do the libodbc++ tests report anything interesting?  Perhaps they have
> grained checking of the underlying library that would help us flush out
> what's missing.
This is what happens when I run the dbmetadata test program that comes with

Connecting to dsn=db, uid=username, pwd=password... done.
Product name                    : SQL Server
Product version                 : unknown version
Driver name                     : libtdsodbc.so
Driver version                  : 0.61
Driver ODBC version             : 3.0
Supports transactions           : Yes

Transaction support

Error fetching information: Option not supported

And here is the tail of my tdsdump file after running dbmetadata:

2003-06-12 14:49:17.024453 processing result tokens.  marker is
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024503 inside tds_process_default_tokens() marker is
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024561 processing result tokens.  marker is  ab(INFO)
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024610 inside tds_process_default_tokens() marker is
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024712 processing result tokens.  marker is  fd(DONE)
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024764 inside tds_process_end() more_results = 0,
was_cancelled = 0
2003-06-12 14:49:17.024823 inside tds_process_result_tokens() state is
SQLGetFunctions: fFunction is 999
odbc: not implemented: SQLGetInfo: option/type 10000(SQL_XOPEN_CLI_YEAR)
[category Added for ODBC 3.x]
odbc: not implemented: SQLGetInfo: option/type 72(SQL_TXN_ISOLATION_OPTION)
[category Data Source Information]

To me, it appears as though there are several things that the libodbc++
libraries require that are yet to be implemented in freetds
(SQLColAttributes and SQLGetInfo, for example).  Please note, this is not
meant as a complaint at all (more of a wishlist :)).  I am quite impressed
with FreeTDS's functionality thus far.

> What does unixODBC say about their message?  Is there a way to get more
> any) details?  As in, say, which identifier was invalid, and what its
> was?
Not totally sure what kind of debug/logging options unixODBC has to further
diagnose this issue from the driver manager's standpoint.  I'll look into
though, if I find anything I'll let you guys know.

Thank you for your time to respond, I appreciate your opinion on the
situation so far.  :)

I guess its back to the C functions for me.

BTW, does anyone happen to know of a lightweight C++ library that wraps some
of the basic C ODBC functions for you?

> --jkl
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