[freetds] How to run on freeBSD

Alan Pettigrew alan at pettigrew.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 12:13:30 EDT 2003

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> I had terrible problems getting freeTDS and ODBC to run on
> FeeeBSD, but I have finally cracked it.
> unixODBC and freetds must be compiled WITHOUT THREADING,
> otherwise the connect crashes in tds/login.c.
> I got freetds working by compiling without threading, but I
> didn't think of unixODBC.  As soon as I rebuilt that, it all worked.
> Yippee, I can use Perl, and PHP can wait a while.
> Alan

>>What version of FreeBSD do you use ?
>>Currently threading-safe in FreeTDS use only reentrant function and
>>method.. It's very strange it crash...

Sorry, I confused myself.  The issued freetds 0.61 does not use threading (I
think), but the CVS version does.  It was unixODBC which had threading
turned on by default.  When I was building the CVS version of freetds to see
if that worked I found that it used threading which I had to disable.  I
only just discovered that unixODBC needed to be built without threading (on
freeBSD anyway).



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