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manoranjan_sahu at agilent.com manoranjan_sahu at agilent.com
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Thanks Chris,
     That's very similar to what I have been looking for. Would it be possible for you to be a little more detailed ? My world has been mostly unix. My apologies if these questions are too trivial.

Did you use sockets to send messages the from the C stored procedures ?

How do you send messages from SQL server to unix boxes using database triggers. Does SQL server has any feature like that ? I couldn't find any..


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On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 10:17, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Sybase has the XP server and also the syb_sendmsg() function that you
> could use for this sort of thing.


I once needed to do something similar for an order routing system on
MS/SQL server 7. The solution I came up with was to write an external
stored procedure, written in C, that sent a short appropriate message to
a specific multicast address to which all the relevant order routers
were listening. Based on the contents of that message the listeners
either ignored the message or performed a database lookup and acted
accordingly. This code was called by the insert/update order procedures,
though equally it could be done through an insert/update trigger etc.

We've since moved to Oracle where this was much less hassle to implement
using the built-in Java interpretor :-)



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