[freetds] Safely upgrading to the lastest FreeTDS version from 0.60

Joel Apter japter at ibxtech.com
Mon Jun 9 15:57:23 EDT 2003

I currently have 0.60 installed on our development webserver.  I would like to install 0.61 to take advantage of some of the newly implement ODBC functions (specifically for use with libodbc++).  I would like to make sure that I take all precautions when upgrading to ensure best compatability with currently running applications and to basically just not screw anything up.  Is there anything special that I need to do when installing .61 over .60 or should the regular install from scratch instructions be sufficient?  Also, are there certain files that I should backup in case they get overwritten or in case the upgrade goes wrong that I can restore and hopefully fall back to 0.60 if need be?  Thank you for your time.


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