[freetds] Compiling on FreeBSD without ICONV

Alan Pettigrew freetds at pettigrew.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 12:08:17 EDT 2003

I was a little hasty.  This doesn't run.  Both isql and tsql fail.  I assume
I have guessed wrongly for the extra libraries I put in.

Here is the gdb output from isql

#0  0x282cef65 in tds_lookup_host (
    servername=0xbfbfdd40 "llgweb01.llg-showtime.com", ip=0xbfbfdbf0 "\005")
    at config.c:697
697                     strncpy(ip, inet_ntoa(*ptr), 17);
(gdb) bt
#0  0x282cef65 in tds_lookup_host (
    servername=0xbfbfdd40 "llgweb01.llg-showtime.com", ip=0xbfbfdbf0 "\005")
    at config.c:697
#1  0x282ce66f in tds_parse_conf_section (option=0xbfbfde40 "host",
    value=0xbfbfdd40 "llgweb01.llg-showtime.com", param=0x8086000)
    at config.c:415
#2  0x282ce307 in tds_read_conf_section (in=0x281f31a0,
    section=0xbfbfe110 "web01",
    tds_conf_parse=0x282ce340 <tds_parse_conf_section>, param=0x8086000)
    at config.c:369
#3  0x282cde7e in tds_read_conf_sections (in=0x281f31a0,
    server=0xbfbfe110 "web01", connect_info=0x8086000) at config.c:270
#4  0x282cdc7c in tds_try_conf_file (
    path=0x28318eca "/usr/local/etc/freetds.conf", how=0x28318f32
    server=0xbfbfe110 "web01", connect_info=0x8086000) at config.c:189
#5  0x282cde22 in tds_read_conf_file (connect_info=0x8086000,
    server=0xbfbfe110 "web01") at config.c:259
#6  0x282b8f92 in odbc_get_dsn_info (DSN=0xbfbff69c "ecommerce",
    connect_info=0x8086000) at connectparams.c:80
#7  0x282b4fc4 in SQLConnect (hdbc=0x804d200, szDSN=0xbfbff69c "ecommerce",
    cbDSN=-3, szUID=0xbfbff8a0 "showtime", cbUID=-3,
    szAuthStr=0xbfbff770 "showtime", cbAuthStr=-3) at odbc.c:826
#8  0x28078f96 in SQLConnect (connection_handle=0x8083000,
    server_name=0xbfbff9d0 "ecommerce", name_length1=-3,
    user_name=0xbfbff8a0 "showtime", name_length2=-3,
    authentication=0xbfbff770 "showtime", name_length3=-3) at
#9  0x804939d in OpenDatabase (phEnv=0x804c338, phDbc=0x804c33c,
    szDSN=0xbfbff9d0 "ecommerce", szUID=0xbfbff8a0 "showtime",
    szPWD=0xbfbff770 "showtime") at isql.c:239
#10 0x8048fab in main (argc=4, argv=0xbfbffb54) at isql.c:105
#11 0x8048c91 in _start ()

tsql crashes at the same point,  odbcinst -q -s shows me the expected list
of DSNs.  Perl crashes on connect at about the same place, so I guess it is
something fundemental in my setup.

Any ideas on this one?


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Subject: Re: [freetds] Compiling on FreeBSD without ICONV

Thanks for that.  I had to add libraries libbind_r and libc_r before it
would build, but it is now there.


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To: "'Alan Pettigrew'" <freetds at pettigrew.fsnet.co.uk>; "'FreeTDS
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> From: Alan Pettigrew [mailto:freetds at pettigrew.fsnet.co.uk]
> Sent: June 9, 2003 10:44 AM
> I have downloaded 2 recent snapshots, 1 last week, 1 today,
> and I cannot compile the system.
> The struct iconv_t is not defined, so tdsiconv.h and others fall over.
> HAVE_ICONV is NOT defined, though there is an iconv.h in the
> /usr/include/sys directory.

At the moment, FreeTDS cannot be compiled without setting configure's
--with-libiconv-prefix switch.  The charset work we've been doing lately led
us to rely much more heavily on iconv than we did before.  Between now and
the next release, we'll add a simple version of iconv (in src/replacements)
that does ASCII<->UCS-2, which is all anyone needs for English character
data on a Microsoft server.  We'll link that in if no libiconv is detected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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