[freetds] tdspool: Segmentation fault on connect

Stephan Jakoubek stephan at jakoubek.de
Thu Jun 5 17:19:22 EDT 2003


I've got the following problem when trying to use tdspool for
connection pooling:

1) I set up the 'real' SQL Server and the 'local/virtual' Server
   in the freetds.conf:
-- freetds.conf --
        host = <ip>
        port = 1433
        tds version = 4.2

        host =
        port = 1433
        tds version = 4.2

2) I set up the Pool in the pool.conf:
-- pool.conf --
        min pool conn = 5
        max pool conn = 5
        max member age = 120

        user = <user>
        password = <pass>
        database = <db>
        server = MSSSQLCT2
        port = 1433

3) I start up tdspool
$: /usr/local/freetds-0.61/bin/tdspool myPool
which works (i can see it's connections on the SQL-Server)

Now, when i try to connect to the pool (either by using PHP on the
same machine, or by Query Analyzer from a Windows machine) tdspool
Found conf file in /usr/local/freetds-0.61/etc/pool.conf reading
Listening on port 1433
waiting for a connect
accepting connection
waiting for a connect
<trying to connect>
Segmentation fault

$SYBASE and $TDSVER are correctly set. Freetds-Version is 0.61.

Any ideas? Thank you all for your help,



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