[freetds] Tests expected to fail in current sources?

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Thu Jun 5 09:49:32 EDT 2003

> Apparently I left my .freetds.conf set up for TDS 4.2 after 
> an experiment.  After I reset it to 7.0, those tests pass.

Dynamic do not (still??) work with tds4.2...

> Now it fails on ctlib/unittests/lang_ct_param.  Is this expected?

Yes, expected!
flags do not work but it's not a big problem...

> lang_ct_param.c: submit language query with variables using ct_param
> Server message:
> Message number: 3701, Severity 11, State 5, Line 1
> Server 'NTS0090'
> Message String: Cannot drop the table '#ctparam_lang', 
> because it does not exist  in the system catalog.

Ignore this message, normal.

> ct_results() result_type CS_CMD_FAIL.
> ct_results returned unexpected result type.
> FAIL: lang_ct_param
> Cheers,
> --nick


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