[freetds] dbrpcsend and dbresults..

Arnar Birgisson ArnarB at oddi.is
Fri May 30 07:23:40 EDT 2003

Hi there..

I'm using 0.61, tried 0.61.1 which has the same problem.
I tried the CVS version as of 11:15 GMT today.. which fails on this

httpd: dblib.c:302: buffer_add_row: Assertion `row_size <=
buf->element_size' failed.


>>> freddyz77 at tin.it 28.5.2003 21:00:44 >>>
Hi Arnar!

Thanks for report.
I saw patch and problem... SELECT without rows are just skipped...
What version of freetds are you using? Please try 0.61.1 and current
snapshot. If snapshot work (it should) I'll try to merge the fix.


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