[freetds] Memory Overflow on apache using freetds and php

L J Bayuk lbayuk at mindspring.com
Thu May 29 21:20:50 EDT 2003

Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes wrote:
> The tables have 42539 records, and ASSNS_Almacen has
> 61 records, I'm doing the query to return all of
> them...

For really large result sets, you may want to try using an unbuffered query
call, which avoids storing the entire query result in memory. (This assumes
you are processing result rows in order.)

PHP 4.3.0 added sybase_unbuffered_query() to the sybase_ct extension, to
solve the memory usage problem, and also the latency problem (normally the
first row won't be available to your script until the entire result set
is returned). Unfortunately, this is poorly documented and I don't know
if it really works. The latest manual mentions but does not show the 3rd
parameter to the call: sybase_unbuffered_query($query, $link_id, $store);
If $store is FALSE, the query result won't be stored in memory. At least
that's how it should work. If you can try it, tell us if it works.

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