[freetds] tds_canonical_charset_name futures?

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Thu May 29 16:24:03 EDT 2003

> From: Craig A. Berry [mailto:craigberry at mac.com]
> Sent: May 29, 2003 3:15 PM
> In other words, shouldn't something like what 
> tds_iconv_init does for ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 be done more generally 
> at configuration time, i.e., permute through all of the aliases until 
> we find the one that works?

Frediano hit on a general solution that works by trial and error.  The notion is to cache the iconv (not necessarily GNU's) name at runtime.  

How will it work?  src/tds/alternative_character_sets.h is our database of character set names.  On receipt of a name, look up the canonical name and try iconv_open(3).  If that one fails, try each alternative in turn.  If one succeeds, cache it for future use; it becomes the canonical name thenceforward.  If none succeeds, well, it's curtains for iconv.  

The static array src/tds/iconv.c::iconv_names is the cache.  It's up to tds_iconv_open() to find the right iconv name, using logic similar to (and more general than) that found in tds_iconv_init().  As you can see, that's not done yet.  

Other concerns in this area:

1.  To support UCS-2 clients (e.g. OS X) we have to reserve a forth member of the socket's iconv_info array, to hold ASCII->client conversions.  This will be needed for error messages.  

2.  iconv_info[client2ucs2] need to be initialized when the server tells us its single-byte encoding.  

3.  Some iconv() implementations emit a byte order mark (BOM) when converting to UCS-2.  Some don't.  Some let you control endianism.  Some don't.  I don't know how if or when to control or record these things.  We always want the same thing: little endian, no BOM.  

4.  iconv-less compilation is currently broken, pending a naive LATIN1<->UCS-2 implementation in src/replacements/iconv.c.  

Anyone who wants to take on any of these things is more than welcome.  

I myself got caught in the La Brea error message morass while recoding tds_iconv to handle unconvertible sequences reasonably.  I think I'll punt -- use tds_client_message() for now, even though it's patently seriously broken for ct-lib clients -- in order to move forward with UTF-8 clients (and servers).  I hope Bill Thompson decides to unify our client-side message system as part of his ct-lib renewal.  However, it's not clear he'll have that particular itch.  

I hope that answers your question. :-)

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