[freetds] OT: college linux

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Mon May 26 23:27:43 EDT 2003

[Please forgive this off topic post.  I don't expect direct help, but
pointers would be nice. Thanks.]

I read about College Linux, which my daughter's teacher just installed on
her laptop.  It's based on Slackware.  I thought I'd install it on
"sandbox", but the boot hangs booting bzImage.  

Does anyone have a favorite resource for such things?  Slackware and
College Linux seem  thinly documented, and, besides, it seems more of an
issue with the kernel than the distribution.  

If I putz with passing flags to the kernel -- assuming I can do such a
thing (perhaps with grub) -- is that worth the effort or probably a waste
of time.  

Thanks again.  


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