[freetds] Please help with my script

Scott Antonivich scott at tpk.net
Fri May 23 11:26:27 EDT 2003


I am trying (unsuccessfully) to extract data from a mssql7 database to a
mysql database. The database is over 10,000 records and each record contains
a OLE .jpg blob.

Basically, I am having problems importing the data. My script is below...


 use DBI;
 $ENV{'SYBASE'} = '/usr/';
 $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:Sybase:server=XXX', 'XXX', 'XXX')
      or die 'connect';

$dbh->do("use mlsnhsql");

$sth = $dbh->prepare('select * from idxmls1') or die 'prepare';
$sth->execute or die 'execute';

while (@data = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
    print "$data[0] $data[1] $data[2] $data[3] $data[4] $data[5] $data[6]
$data[7] $data[8] $data[9] $data[10] $data[11] $data[12] $data[13] $data[14]
$data[15] $data[16] $data[17] $data[18] $data[19] $data[20] $data[21]
$data[22] $data[23] $data[24] $data[25] $data[26] $data[27] $data[28]
$data[29] $data[30] $data[31] $data[32] $data[33] $data[34] $data[35]
$data[36] $data[37] $data[38] $data[39] $data[40] $data[41] $data[42]
$data[43] $data[44] $data[45] $data[46] $data[47] $data[48] $data[49]
$data[50] $data[51] $data[52] $data[53] $data[54]\n"; # the first few fields


$dbh2 = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:$database", $user, $password);

while (@data = $sth->fetchrow_array){
	$statement = "INSERT into residential ('Id', 'bath_level', 'bath3_4_level',
'baths', 'baths3_4', 'bd1_size', 'bd2_size', 'bd3_size', 'bd4_size',
'bedrooms', 'book', 'color', 'den_size', 'dr_size', 'elem_school',
'flood_zone', 'found_size', 'fr_size', 'frontage', 'glaag', 'glaaga',
'glaagb', 'high_school', 'kt_size', 'lav_level', 'lavs', 'list_price',
'lister_agent_name', 'lister_office_name', 'lot', 'lot_size_acres',
'lr_size', 'map', 'midl_school', 'nof_cars', 'ot_size', 'page', 'parking',
'remark1', 'rooms', 'school_district', 'seasonal', 'status', 'surveyed',
'tax_years', 'taxes', 'town', 'water_body', 'water_frontage', 'year_built',
'mls_zone', 'mod_date_time', 'p_mod_date_time', 'features', 'medium_photo')
values ($data[0], $data[1], $data[2], $data[3], $data[4], $data[5],
$data[6], $data[7], $data[8], $data[9], $data[10], $data[11], $data[12],
$data[13], $data[14], $data[15], $data[16], $data[17], $data[18], $data[19],
$data[20], $data[21], $data[22], $data[23], $data!
![24], $data[25],  $data[26], $data[27], $data[28], $data[29], $data[30],
$data[31], $data[32], $data[33], $data[34], $data[35], $data[36],
$data[37], $data[38], $data[39], $data[40], $data[41], $data[42], $data[43],
$data[44], $data[45], $data[46], $data[47], $data[48], $data[49], $data[50],
$data[51], $data[52], $data[53], $data[54])";
	$sth2 = $dbh2->prepare($statement)
	    or die "Can't prepare $statement: $dbh->errstr\n";
	$sth2->execute || die 'execute2';


When I execute the script...it *seems* to be working....however, no data
gets imported and no error messages. Any ideas on what I could be doing
wrong? Anything you see that can be done to improove this script?



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