[freetds] dbresults

Arnar Birgisson ArnarB at oddi.is
Thu May 22 12:01:31 EDT 2003

Hello there..

I'm running a stored procedure on mssql server 2000 through php. The
stored procedure returns (in all cases) four result sets. Now.. I use
php's mssql_next_result, which in turn calls dbresults in the normal
way, to process each result set. The problem is that when one result
set, say the second one, contains no rows, mssql_next_result goes
straight to result set #3. I suspect that this is not normal behaviour,
correct me if I'm wrong.

I haven't stepped through the code yet, but a quick look indicates that
php's mssql_next_result is correct, at least according to ms
documentation on db-lib.

Have any of you heard of this before?


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