[freetds] FreeTDS performance

Bort, Paul pbort at tmwsystems.com
Fri May 16 11:36:35 EDT 2003

First thing that comes to mind is possibly video speed. Instead of
displaying the rows, if you write them to disk, do the numbers come down at

I don't see why the SSH connection would matter if the CPU load is < 1.

Also, what dirty tricks is Query Analyzer pulling under the hood? You might
want to try the command-line version (isql.exe) instead.

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> I'm doing some test on performance.
> My (simple) test is execute "SELECT TOP 300 * FROM 
> syscomments" on mssql2k with tsql (linux) and sql query 
> analyzer (linux). Computer are connected on the same LAN (eth 
> 100 full)
> It seem that tsql is slower. I tried to increase tcp buffer 
> (with setsockopt) on login.c and seem better
> Query analyzer  tsql (CVS)  tsql (with 32kb of buffer)
> 12              60          41
> 13              56          45
> (time in seconds to get and print all rows)
> Before going deeply with profiling anyone have a hint on this 
> problem? Perhaps is cause I'm connected to Linux machine via 
> SSH too ? Machine are quite different (P2 400MHZ with 64Mb 
> and P3 1GHZ with 512Mb)... however network should be much 
> slower than display...
> freddy77
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