[freetds] FreeTDS performance

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at mail.vodafone.it
Fri May 16 11:22:56 EDT 2003

I'm doing some test on performance.
My (simple) test is execute "SELECT TOP 300 * FROM syscomments" on mssql2k with tsql (linux) and sql query analyzer (linux). Computer are connected on the same LAN (eth 100 full)
It seem that tsql is slower. I tried to increase tcp buffer (with setsockopt) on login.c and seem better

Query analyzer  tsql (CVS)  tsql (with 32kb of buffer)
12              60          41
13              56          45
(time in seconds to get and print all rows)

Before going deeply with profiling anyone have a hint on this problem? Perhaps is cause I'm connected to Linux machine via SSH too ? Machine are quite different (P2 400MHZ with 64Mb and P3 1GHZ with 512Mb)... however network should be much slower than display...


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