[freetds] Query regarding FreeTDS

Raja, Sunil (MLODC, Covansys - CHENNAI) SRaja at covansys.odc.ml.com
Fri May 16 03:17:48 EDT 2003

Hi I am a newbie to FreeTDS and dont know how to use it.

I am trying to connect Perl on a UNIX environment to MS SQL Server 2000
running on an NT Machine. I tried the DBD::SYBASE but I got the following
Out of memory during ridiculously large request at /...../DBD/Sybase.pm line

I successfully connected to MS SQL Server 7.0 using this DBD::SYBASE.

When I read the freetds.org, I understand that we need to change the SYBASE
environmental variable to the location of freetds, which in my machine is

I did that and I got the above mentioned error. 

Can anyone please help me on using FreeTDS with a sample code.
I checked that the server is located in the freetds.conf and it is there.

My code is 

use DBI;

if(($db = DBI->connect("dbi:Sybase:server=$server",$user,$pwd))=="false")
        writeToLog("Could not connect to $server.\n");
        exit 1;

where $server, $pwd and $user are already set before this statement. I used
the tsql utility with freetds to connect to this server and it connects

I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this problem

Thanks in advance,


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