[freetds] PHP float truncation/was: ... PHP mailing list

L J Bayuk lbayuk at mindspring.com
Thu May 15 20:13:01 EDT 2003

Brian Paquin wrote:
> Would someone suggest a few good PHP mailing lists?
> I have numeric values in Sybase 12.5 that are being
> truncated by PHP 4.3.0RC2... (4.75 becomes 4)

This has come up before.  Hope this helps (from me on Mar 18, 2003):

| You don't say what PHP module you are using, but you have exactly described
| a bug in the sybase_ct module in PHP 4.3.x.  The first float row is OK, and
| rows after are truncated. When I went to report this as a bug about 2
| months ago, I found it was already fixed in PHP's CVS, although it wasn't
| in the bug database. You can grab the sybase_ct.c file off PHP's cvs server
| and rebuild PHP with that. (Get file version 1.77 or higher, which has the
| fix: "Do not 'convert' double columns to integers after the 1st row in the
| resultset".)  There is a 1-line patch to fix it, but you are better off
| getting the updated source file.

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