[freetds] 0.61 tsql core dump, locale = "C C C C C C"

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Thu May 15 14:53:17 EDT 2003

Il gio, 2003-05-15 alle 20:31, Cooperstock, Dan ha scritto:
> Just to be clear, both long * and int * are 8-byte pointers. However, int is
> a 4-byte datatype, and long is 8-byte. 

You are right, I expressed myself badly...

> I've forgotten which is which of big-endian and little-endian. But I wrote a
> small test program, and set an int to 1. The 1 showed up in the right-most
> of the 4 bytes in the int.
> After making the change of adding "#define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED" to my
> config.h, here's what happens in the compile:
> cpp: "convert.c", line 2650: warning 2013: Unknown preprocessing directive.
> On line 2650, I see "#!perl", which obviously is not valid. It's within a
> section "#ifdef DONT_TRY_TO_COMPILE_THIS", but obviously my compiler still
> complains. We're using the standard HP-UX C Compiler.

It's only a warning, ignore it. It's just a perl syntax (there is some
perl code nested to convert.c)

> The other warning has gone away, but there's a new one, apparently on


> linking tdspool:
> ld: (Warning) Unsatisfied symbol "htons" in file
> ../server/.libs/libtdssrv.sl
> I'm not really planning to use tdspool, but maybe this is an indication of
> some other problem that we need to be concerned about.

You can use --disable-pool option to configure.

> Dan Cooperstock, Senior Technical Consultant, HEPCOE Credit Union
> dcoops at hepcoe.com    416-597-5055

Thank you very much for your patience and feedback.


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