[freetds] status and stability

Bernard Giroud bernard.giroud at creditlyonnais.ch
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I bet you the charset is UCS-2 instead of UCS-2LE (DEC, then Compaq was
probably consistent with Tru64 and OpenVMS).

That's why I hardcoded the value in iconv.c:tds_iconv_open. You should
probably define also that as a configurable #define string.

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De : Lowden, James K <LowdenJK at bernstein.com>
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Date : mercredi, 14. mai 2003 17:08
Objet : RE: [freetds] status and stability

> From: Varley, David (CBorn at Alcoa)
> [mailto:David.Varley at alcoa.com.au]
> Sent: May 13, 2003 9:09 PM
> as you now claim some stability I thought I'd give it another try!

Hi David,

Thanks for the report.  I've never seen it expressed this way, but istm the
development cycle has two phases: getting it to work correctly when
everything's OK, and getting it to cope successfully when they're not.  I
hope we're in Phase II.  ;-)


> 08:28:29.631897 tds_iconv_info_init: cannot convert "CP819"->"UCS-2LE"

CP819 is in our table, and UCS-2LE has always been the name we passed to
iconv_open, going back at least to the 0.61 release.  My guess is that Tru64
iconv doesn't recognize "UCS-2LE".  Can you confirm?

In the 0.61 release, if iconv failed to open, we reverted to our "strip the
high byte" algorithm.  That would be very complex to support in the new
framework, and not much use besides.  If we're going to support Tru64, we
might as well figure out how to engage its iconv.

Regards, David, and thanks for your continued support.


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