[freetds] Why does crash freetds at $sth->prepare? Which client version?

Knut Behrends knb at gfz-potsdam.de
Wed May 14 10:47:23 EDT 2003

Hello all,
we have a SUSE linux box that can connect to a solaris 11.5 ASE, exec
SPs, run simple selects using isql and tsql.
However there is a perl script with a $sth->prepare clause that causes a
segmentation fault.
We had freetds 0.6 installed, and now we have installed 0.61 twice into
the same directory $SYBASE/OCS dir using the account of unix user sybase
and into the /usr/lib using the root account.
the freetds.conf file (or files, as there exist several of them now) set
the freetds version to 5.0.
Would it be more helpful to download the sybase 11.0 ASE rpms, install
the client on the linux box and that's it? (Instead of ironing out the
library issues with the freetds installation)
I'd prefer freetds but its developers also say in the release notes that
it might crash ASE 12.5 DB servers for unknown reasons.

As I am writing this, these follow up questions have come up :
THis year, we want to upgrade the 11.5 server to 12.5.... Then a 11.x
client on the linux box is no longer good enough, is it?
Is there a 12.5. linux client offered by sybase ? If so, is it free, or
only included in a "developer license"? We don't use it commercially.
Which version of the client is preferable?
- for a 11.5 server
- for a server

(Also posted to freetds mailing list)
Knut Behrends
GFZ Potsdam, Germany

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