[freetds] 0.61 tsql core dump, locale = "C C C C C C"

Cooperstock, Dan dan.cooperstock at hepcoe.com
Wed May 14 09:13:38 EDT 2003

This email got stopped because it was too big with config.log attached, so
I'm re-posting it with the config.log file gzip'd to make it smaller. (I was
requested to post this file.)

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OK, replying to a few things.

"man strtok_r" shows:

      #include <string.h>
      #include <strings.h>

I added --enable-threadsafe to my arguments to configure. The config.log is
attached. It says it found strtok_r.

These are the remaining warnings I get when I do the make:
cpp: "convert.c", line 2650: warning 2013: Unknown preprocessing directive.
(Interestingly, I don't see a preprocessor directive at that line number.)
libtool: link: warning: this platform does not like uninstalled shared
libtool: link: `tsql' will be relinked during installation
That occurs a few times.
        cc: "login.c", line 90: warning 728: Argument #3 converts long* to
        cc: "user.c", line 76: warning 728: Argument #3 converts long* to

When I do "make install", I still get the following error:

        /usr/bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs
        if test ! -f /freetds.conf; then \
                 ./freetds.conf /freetds.conf; \
sh[2]: ./freetds.conf: Execute permission denied.
*** Error exit code 126

Running "tsql" still shows the strange locale value.

Dan Cooperstock, Senior Technical Consultant, HEPCOE Credit Union
dcoops at hepcoe.com    416-597-5055

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From: Lowden, James K [mailto:LowdenJK at bernstein.com]
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 11:10 AM
To: 'FreeTDS Development Group'
Subject: RE: [freetds] 0.61 tsql core dump, locale = "C C C C C C"

> From: ZIGLIO Frediano [mailto:Frediano.Ziglio at mail.vodafone.it]
> Sent: May 12, 2003 10:07 AM

> > In addition, I'm getting warning errors on config.c, which
> > James Lowden
> > thinks probably indicate a 64-bit corruption that needs to be
> > fixed, and may be causing all of my problems:
> > cc: "config.c", line 842: warning 724: Assignment converts
> default int
> > return type to pointer "field".
> > cc: "config.c", line 849: warning 725: Assignment converts 32
> > bit integer to pointer "field".
> No, probably are related to strtok_r headers not included.
> Try doing a "man strtok_r" and see what header reports...

Freddy, just to confirm:  We expect no 64-bit warnings, right?  It's my
understanding that FreeTDS should compile cleanly on any 64-bit platform.

I told Dan I suspect, as you do, that we're failing to detect one of his
header files, and that these warning are a consequence of trying to compile
against an invalid prototype.

My theory is that some misalignment causes a 0 or 1 to be deposited in the
dump filehandle, resulting in log output going to stdout/stderr.

Dan, it might help to post your config.log.

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