[freetds] segmentation fault when using freetds 0.61 with apache 1.3.27 + mod_auth_tds 1.1

Shilpa Pakdhane shilpa.pakdhane at mizuho-sc.com
Tue May 13 21:11:50 EDT 2003


     i  have configured apache 1.3.27 with freetds 0.61 , (using sybase
12.0 )

     the client charset in freetds.conf is UTF-8.all env variable ie
TDSHOST,TDSPORT,TDSQUERY,SYBASE=/usr/local/freetds are set.
     running  tsql -SSERVER ....... works fine.(all logs are generated fine)

   In apache httpd.conf set Auth_TDS_Info host user passwd.
  .htaccess with all necessary information.

   but when i start apache i get a core dump,
   the log tdsconfig is generated but the rest of the logs ie
freetds.log.pid....  are blank.( i dont even see the login thru freetds to
database server)

   when i run 'gdb httpd' and 'bt' , i get no error.

   i am not able to figure out what could be wrong.

   any help would be appreciated.


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