[freetds] select bug...

Spyros Ioakim sioakim at atlas.ace-hellas.gr
Tue May 13 17:31:16 EDT 2003

Anyway I don't understand what you have changed now but I hope that the
next guy that downloads 0.62dev will get Greek to work OK.
Maybe it's time to release 0.61.1 like you have mentioned with all those
fixes because most people will probably go for the stable version
0.61 does work with Greek characters but only tdsver 4.2. This has all
the known limitations and of course my query could not be executed.
No more Easysoft ODBC-ODBC for me. No more 2 connections limit. No more
installations on the SQL server!

I'm going to bed knowing that my sql problems are solved (for now :-))


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The good new is, Spyros helped us flush out this bug, and it's gone.
>From now on, the log will be very clear about any charset lookup
failures, and any form of any charset name will be valid in
freetds.conf.  The even better news is, it seems we can pass Greek text
between PHP and Microsoft servers. I know it's been tried before, but I
don't remember it ever succeeding.  

Hmm.  FreeTDS is confirmed to speak Italian and Greek.  Classically
trained, apparently.  


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