[freetds] status and stability

Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes alietss at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 16:46:36 EDT 2003

Hi People:
Very nice job boys, I would like if you agree of
course, help with the docs, specially the topics
related to php builds, any other help like testing
snapshots is ok, specially on RedHat against Microsoft
SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2003.
                       Regards Aliet
--- "Lowden, James K" <LowdenJK at bernstein.com> wrote:
> I thought I'd come up for air and try to take stock,
> see where we're at.  To
> non-developers following the discussion it must seem
> at least a little
> bizarre at times.  And a Sense of the Senate might
> be helpful to us all.  
> As the TODO says, there are a bunch of things going
> on, mostly connected
> with iconv, of course.  If you look at the current
> source code, you'll find
> it's littered with FIXME comments also related to
> iconv.  
> My sense of things is that there's no going back. 
> We're irrevocably
> committed to generalized charset translation.  There
> are more changes in the
> pipeline, obviously, but I'm pretty sure we're
> better off now than we were
> before my iconv embarkation.  
> I think current CVS has returned to its "normal"
> state for us: better than
> the release, bugs quickly addressed.  Can be
> recommended to anyone seeking
> help.  
> We should soon achieve stability with UTF-8 clients,
> and when we do, we
> should start to get ready for the 0.62 release. 
> UTF-8 isn't stable yet, and
> requires (many) incremental changes, but no
> fundamental ones that I can see.
> We're marking any size assumptions we come across,
> and fixing them with new
> functions and more generalized logic.  Pretty soon,
> the number of such
> comments will start to decrease, linearly
> approaching zero as we fix more
> than we find.  
> The release will certainly need more than simple
> stability.  We need a
> locale/charset testing feature -- either as part of
> tsql or standalone -- so
> folks who have better things to do than subscribe to
> this list can determine
> for themselves if their installation is happy.  And
> we need way better
> documentation.  Help is always welcome, btw.  :-)
> This is mid-May.  A quick call to
> crystal_ball(struct time_t) says the
> release could be ready in September.  
> I think locales.conf is toast.  That is, we don't
> need it anymore.  I know
> Steve Langasek is interested in this aspect, and has
> doubtless thought about
> it more carefully than I have.  
> Bill Thompson, in case  you're listening in, you
> asked if it's "safe to go
> back in the water".  I'd say the answer's Yes.  But
> even re-writing
> tds_iconv(), which is on my todo, shouldn't
> interfere with your work.  Come
> on in, the water's fine.  
> --jkl
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