[freetds] 0.61 tsql core dump, locale = "C C C C C C"

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Mon May 12 15:11:51 EDT 2003

Il lun, 2003-05-12 alle 17:09, Lowden, James K ha scritto:
> > From: ZIGLIO Frediano [mailto:Frediano.Ziglio at mail.vodafone.it]
> > Sent: May 12, 2003 10:07 AM
> > > In addition, I'm getting warning errors on config.c, which 
> > > James Lowden
> > > thinks probably indicate a 64-bit corruption that needs to be 
> > > fixed, and may be causing all of my problems:
> > > cc: "config.c", line 842: warning 724: Assignment converts 
> > default int
> > > return type to pointer "field".
> > > cc: "config.c", line 849: warning 725: Assignment converts 32 
> > > bit integer to pointer "field".
> > 
> > No, probably are related to strtok_r headers not included. 
> > Try doing a "man strtok_r" and see what header reports...
> Freddy, just to confirm:  We expect no 64-bit warnings, right?  It's my
> understanding that FreeTDS should compile cleanly on any 64-bit platform.  

Time ago I compiled on a alpha station without compile warnings...
However compiler complains about a conversion int -> char* (field) ...
The row was "field = strtok_r(...);" So compiler see strtok_r like a
function returning int (like undefined function).

I search in internet strtok_r for header (on HP/UX is in string.h and/or
in strings.h). So I connect to a HP/UX (happily I can use one machine)
and found that strtok_r declaration is surrounded by #ifdef _REENTRANT
... # endif so I suggest to enable thread-safe...

> I told Dan I suspect, as you do, that we're failing to detect one of his
> header files, and that these warning are a consequence of trying to compile
> against an invalid prototype.  
> My theory is that some misalignment causes a 0 or 1 to be deposited in the
> dump filehandle, resulting in log output going to stdout/stderr.  

Perhaps I missed something...

> Dan, it might help to post your config.log.  


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