[freetds] Stored Procedure Output Parameters Not Being Returned

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Fri May 9 12:00:55 EDT 2003

> I have read the various threads on this topic but am left with some
> questions.
> I am using SQL Server 7.0 SP3.  I have tried freeTDS 0.60, 
> 0.61 and last
> nights snapshot on a RedHat9 i686 system and unixODBC.  The 
> threads suggest
> that Microsoft made a change in 7.0 SP3 that broke stored 
> proceedure output
> params in freeTDS, but what is not clear is what needs to be 
> done to fix it
> and if anything is being done about it.
> We absolutely need this to work.  If it should work with the 
> code I have,
> what am I likely to be doing wrong?  If it is broken, is 
> anyone looking to
> fix it in the near term?  If not I will attempt to fix it.  I 
> have looked at
> the TDS packets on the network and can only see the Return 
> Status (0x79)
> coming back, no sign of the output parameters.
> If I attempt to fix this, what info is available on the TDS 
> protocol beyond
> what is in tds.html?
> Thanks,
> Tim Court 
> Consulting Engineer 
> Concurrent Computer Corporation 
> Xstreme Division 

Hi Tim!

This is one of my TODO for 0.62. Not still in CVS.
RPC output will work with syntax like "   {   ?

   = 			call 
}		"
(this is a syntax that work even with ms...).

However syntax like "{?=call myproc(??)} select * from table" (with more statement) won't work...


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