[freetds] Stored Procedure Output Parameters Not Being Returned

Court, Tim tim.court at ccur.com
Fri May 9 11:09:29 EDT 2003

I have read the various threads on this topic but am left with some

I am using SQL Server 7.0 SP3.  I have tried freeTDS 0.60, 0.61 and last
nights snapshot on a RedHat9 i686 system and unixODBC.  The threads suggest
that Microsoft made a change in 7.0 SP3 that broke stored proceedure output
params in freeTDS, but what is not clear is what needs to be done to fix it
and if anything is being done about it.

We absolutely need this to work.  If it should work with the code I have,
what am I likely to be doing wrong?  If it is broken, is anyone looking to
fix it in the near term?  If not I will attempt to fix it.  I have looked at
the TDS packets on the network and can only see the Return Status (0x79)
coming back, no sign of the output parameters.

If I attempt to fix this, what info is available on the TDS protocol beyond
what is in tds.html?


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