[freetds] Testing charset

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Fri May 9 05:58:29 EDT 2003

> > 
> > Fully agree. However current implementation never use
> > TDSLOGININFO->client_charset. There are two method to build
> > 1:
> > a- allocate connect
> > b- fill values (sometime reading freetds.conf with its 
> client charset)
> > c- call tds_fix_connect
> > (used in odbc, do not involve TDSLOGININFO so no problem)
> > 2:
> > a- allocate connect (we pass locale to overwrite server 
> > charset, and we
> > initialize client_charset)
> > b- get values from freetds.conf
> > c- replacing with TDSLOGININFO info
> > d- call tds_fix_connect
> > 
> > However 2c found always a value (or from default or from 
> freetds.conf)
> > so it never replace it!!!
> Ugh.  The mere existence of a function called "tds_fix_connect" is
> symptomatic of a problem, if you ask me.  Every time I look at this, I
> think: We need to separate reading freetds.conf from connecting to the
> server.  Before we start connecting to the server, we should 
> *know* the
> options we're going to use.  All the juggling of default, 
> environment, and
> freetds.conf should be done in advance.  
> > Perhaps we should initialize TDSCONNECTINFO->client_charset 
> > to empty and
> > set it to default on tds_fix_connect ?? This should fix the 
> problem...
> Eventually, as you know, I'd like to replace our config-file 
> parser with my
> nvp library.  In the meantime, you probably have the best 
> knowledge of how
> to fix the "2c" problem.  

Mmm.... your comment say

	/* don't overwrite freetds.conf client charset with one derived from the environment. */

However login information came from code, not from environment, so I think it's better to handle this field like others (if a program want to everride configuration it just can). Perhaps what's wrong is setting charset in our tests...

tds_fix_connect currently override connect information with information from environment. This is needed by odbc cause ODBC must separate TDSCONNECTINFO allocation, reading of configuration (sometime unused) and environment settings...


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